Sunday, 8 February 2009

Random ramblings.

The other day my sis brought back something she bought which we play often when we were young. Remember those days we play the pop-pop, ice and water, those styrofoam airplans and such? yeah, it brought back memories.

Blow it!!!

Remember this? You just put some sticky liquid on the end of a plastic straw and blow your lungs away, the bigger the better! Just do not...burst it...


That's the biggest I did and it exploded soon after XD.

And as soon as time passes, it is Week 5 in my uni and all the tests, assignments start creeping in..sigh..I'm afraid my time is too short to do my own things?

And speaking about time, tomorrow is already Chap Goh Mei??!!!

Dang, another year till the next CNY. And for your information, CNY next year is on February 14!!

As time passes quickly, the same goes to Christmas which also a long long way to go..

Lonely snowman...

Another 10 months to go!!

At least I got something to look forward to next saturday =)


And guess what I found at my random photos folder??

rachel!!! eat also tak ajak XD

The cross at main sanctuary.

Welcome to the MIYF!! hahaha!

The speaker from Korea!!

There is ALOT of random and nice candid shots from church, there is a good photo hunting spot XD

~VI days to go~


FiFi^^ said...
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FiFi^^ said...

yea...February 14
A romantic CNY indeed```
but no boyfren la~
my 'economy' nt that gud``deiiii