Monday, 16 February 2009

Korean Appetite!

Last week, my sis and I had a sudden craving for Kimchi Fried Rice! but the only place she knows that serve that dish is at KL Sentral but then suddenly she remembered about a new restaurant called Da Sa Rang at SS15. It is located just in front of Inti College and on top of the McDonalds. Yup, it is on the first floor.

Upon parking the car and walking up the staircase, we are greeted by Anyong-haseyo which means hello. Then we walk on and we are required to remove our shoes! we are to eat on the floor.

Sitted on the floor cushion. Notice the nice decor around!!

There is certainly a Korean feel to the restaurant and thers is many many Korean decor around the whole place!! so upon seated on the ground, we took our order and there is a BBQ pit on the table.

The free 10 side dishes to compliment your meal.

Their food are a lil to the spicy side, you can notice how RED is the food they serve there..

Kimchi Fried Rice (RM15.90) is red in color. It is cooked in nasi pattaya style though..

Kimchi pork soup(RM12.90). I forgot to mention, it is a tak-halal restaurant..

Kimchi Pork with rice(RM17.90). This is GOOD!!!

My sis and I thought the servings will be small thats why we order 3 main dishes but we were sooo wrong. The servings are HUGE!! so huge I actually had to tapau the soup back home =) and later there is free dessert which are watermelon and some cold sweet tea. woah, so many free things serve here =)

And the service here is very fast and efficient. I seriously didn't mind paying the 10% service charge here! haha! and it is definately different eating experience with flat metal chopsticks..

All in all the bill was RM55.75 for all the many dishes above. Not bad yah? Definately will go there again, already made a promise with someone =)

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