Saturday, 31 January 2009

Chinese NIU Year.

AND yet again, is the money time of the year, and when you think of CNY, you'll think of??:-

1) ANG PAU!!


As the saying goes, The More the Merrier XD
we the young unmarried ones always asking and craving for more red packets from the elders and married couples!!

2) Lo Kam!

Eat round oranges till you are sooo sick of it, don't know how many orange seed I have thrown and spit out since CNY Day One!!

3) Yee Sang!

No matter what type of Yee Sang flavor, it still always taste good after you loh and mix all the ingredients..

4) Gambling!

Play till you drop..but this year I've been losing money =(

5) Time of meeting with friends and family!

Immediate family members.

Some of secondary school friends.

Serving tea to parents.

Meeting up with friends you never see for many years while bai nian, and getting their cash(or GIVING them you cash) while gambling, it's a joy =)

So, what does CNY means to you =)?

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fish and CHEAP!

Just before CNY, my family decided to have dinner in Taipan, and this new restaurant manage to catch our attention (to my mum's eyes definately, I didn't see the restaurant at all =.=).
Then we decided to enter and give it a try, since it has been open less then a week!

Fish Gusto Taipan

As the name suggested, the main food here is FISH, practically seafood. Appetizer is like fish chowder, cold oyster on ice etc but they do serve poultry as well =) so no fear for chicken-lovers out there!!

Very the big fishes...

The price and service there is excellent! The waitress greet us, recommend as some of their speciality, but I end up with the typical classic fish and chips (RM13.90)!

Fish and CHEAP Chip

and mushroom soup(RM4.90) with garlic bread(RM2.90) as appetizer, I have a big appetite you know..

my mum tried the deep fired dory fish(RM19.90)

and my dad tried the fried chicken chop(RM15.90)

and it ALL taste good, but after eating nearly the whole portion of the fish, I feel a little 'jelak' at the finishing, I think it is just me that day XD

A squeeze of lime and tartar sauce!!

Overall taste and presentation is good, and definately a good place for a 'seafood date'!hehe!
You'll get what I mean, yes I mean YOU!

For the price, it is quite excellent but my favourite is still and always Fish & Co. at 1 Utama.

Till next time, happy angpau hunting!!