Thursday, 2 August 2007

Time of the month.

It's the time of the month again..Haihhzzz...and pardon me, i'm a MALE, it's not what you are thinking about, its the 31st!!Still having rang a bell in your head?
(Thanks to Jin Zun for the pics~!)

Baskin Robbins 31% discount day!!!wohoo!!!My heart sank when i enter the shop...

The queue was super giler gila bombastik madly long!!!So took a number and wait for my turn.

The service and waiting time is quite long as people are super fussy in choosing the flavors, and of cause jumping queue is common...

Two pints is the goods!!One belongs to Yu Jin, the other 2 of us share, its big enough!

All the waiting is worth it. 25 solid minutes just for this. 31 only occur 8 times yearly, so no harm pampering yourself. Next 31st I'll be the first in line!

P.S: I wonder how many people will hate me after seeing this post.hmm...

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