Saturday, 1 December 2007

Fine Dining.

Thanks to Jun Long, I received an invitation to attend a fine dining dinner. Imagine, a personal waiter at your table, wine, great 3-course meal etc

BUT, the catch is, it is a practical class by students of Hospitality from Taylors..

Every student must call maximum 4 of their friends to enjoy the dinner.

The crowd inside.

We sat in a table for 4 in a "fake" restaurant which is actually their classroom.

The 3-course meal.

It started at 7pm but we reach at 8pm because our driver overslept and came to take us at 7.40pm...

Mocktail. Mixture of Sprite, Lemon, Orange and .......i forgot the last one..

It's just RM15 per person, so that's quite worth it if you forget the fact that it is a practical class.

Appetizer - Grapefruit and Orange.

Main course.

Because we arrive late, so they had to reheat the main course in the over, so the meat is all dry...

Banana Flambe!

Our chef Wei Wen preparing the dessert, he is our old schoolmate.

Frying the dessert.

Here is a video on how he prepare it. He uses about 100g of sugar, rum , concentrated orange and bananas.

Basically, I give the dinner these score:

Presentation = 7.5/10
Flavour = 8/10

I'm definately going to the next fine dining experience!!

Guess what's that? Story on it in the next post!

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