Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Christmas Dinner!

After the whole morning service, everyone rested for few hours and get ready for Christmas dinner.

Practice for the night performance.

The dinner took place at Restaurant Overseas, Subang Parade. The dinner begins at 6.30 but the Youth was there at 3.30pm already, standing by and practice before the night performance.

The empty hall.

There were flag dancing, tambourine, ribbon dances. Acting by the Sunday School kids, a speech by Pastor, caroling and of course, FOOD!!

Poser Darren, me, Sean busy with my phone.

Let's go backstage and see the preparation for the performance!

By 7pm the hall was filled with people of all ages. My table was third from the back!can hradly see anything from there.

I took this pic when I was on stage performing the caroling songs.

The performance. Dance along with the song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing + Angels from the Realm of Glory".

Overall the night dinner was a success, everyone had a great time performing, laughing, exchanging presents and eating.

BUT my table was 9 guys and 1 you can imagine the speed when we grab the food, less then 2 minutes, the food will be gone from the plate and into the tummy. That's why there is no food pic, before I can take it, it's all gone...

Happy New Year 2008 all readers!!May 2008 be a great abundant year to all of you!!

Next post on New Year!

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