Wednesday, 30 January 2008

1 night in Port Dickson

It was a really random trip to Port Dickson as it was the middle of class week and the annoucement of Thaipusam is a public holiday for PJ and KL on a normal wednesday.
So a few of my coursemates and I move out to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Li Sian cooling down with ice cream when the journey started.

The journey from PJ to PD took bout 1 hour plus.
We use two cars with 9 passengers to go to PD.
To be honest, it has been more then 4 years since the last time I went to a beach.

The empty beach on a tuesday afternoon.

So we change and start to thrash the beach~!

Liew kicking ball on the beach.

The low tide waters.

Li Sian bracing the wind.

The girls.

Jumping for joy at the beach~!

The beach crew except ME!

Beach in the dusk.

Beautiful CLEAN PD beach surprisingly...

After playing in the waters at 4pm till dusk and getting some quantity of sunburn on my skin, we decided to stay there for the night.
That part wasn't in our plan as we thought is a one day trip.
So we found a hotel room to accomodate 9 of us at Tiara Beach Resort.

Top photographer.

Playing cards in the room.

ONE catch though. We got the room for a price of RM120 a night which is a steal BUT that room have 8 giant cockroaches, one of them even went on my head!!

We had dinner at 11.30pm near the beach, the price of the food there is slightly cheaper then KL rates and taste as good. The boss of the stall talk to us and recommend places to go at night. He said one of the beach have naked girls dancing and samba-ing at night! Of course we as good students didn't go and watch the 'free' show.

The hotel has a build in water park!as good as Lagoon.

Round 2 card game the next morning.

After killing more cockroach and packing up our bags, we leave the apartment and head to Seremban town.

Leaving the hotel.

Throwing bags into Liew's car.

We even have time to check out another beach before we go to Seremban.

Blue Lagoon beach.

It is said the beach has 3 layers/tones of blue on the seawater, and I have to say it is CORRECT. the seawater HAS 3 shades of blue!that uber nice.

Choi Yok, See See, Mandy, Sham, Andrew, Me, Li Sian, Liew, Looi. Magnificent 9!!

After eating at Seremban, we head back home to PJ. The previous night we all have less then 2-3 hours of sleep, so we were all near dead when we drove home, so we had to keep our drivers up and awake.

Back to school the next pooper..

Get aside of troubles and stress and enjoy!

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