Monday, 4 February 2008

Willy's + Sheau Lee's Birthday.

I'll start with the statistics, 2 birthdays, 2 days, 5 trips to Pyramid, a lot of $$$ and infinite fun. worth it?
YOU bet.

On saturday morning (2/2/08) it was Willy's birthday, so Zhun Keat, Su Ann and me went to Pyramid at 9am to get presents for him. I'm sure we are the first customers of the building as it is so early and the shops are mostly still close. But Padini Concept Store is open.

After buying, we get a pair of jeans as well, then we head home.

Then Wilson's mum ajak us to go eat Hi-tea at Hotel Pyramid(Again) Tower, so we quickly hid the present at the boot of the car.

These are the pics from the lunch.

Sitting under the sunlight. The roof of the Atrium Restaurant is glass, lucky it wasn't hot. Just light without infrared heat.

The food was just OK, but the big and uncivilized crowd make the experience a lil bad. Exxon Mobil was having a seminar, and most of them have bad table manners.

They just leave the big spoon in the dish after scooping them, and some nearly dip into the whole dish, which make us impossible to take the dish onto our plate. And all of them are noobs at the Ice Kacang machine, they just leave it on and the whole table is full of ice!!

Su Ann showing 'full face' and I'm busy eating.

Very holy and dehydrated fruits.

After whacking 5-6 rounds of food, we left the restaurant and walk around the place, thrashing the arcade. Then once his mum and sis done shopping, we went to the car and surprise him with the present. He wasn't expecting any but he where's my present...

We decided to hang out at his house and let him try on the tshirt and jeans BUT unfortunately, we have unFORESEEN circumstances and we had to change the clothes we bought.

We decided to wait for his dad to go Pyramid(AGAIN), then we play cards, warm up for CNY.

We didn't play tai ti but Blackjack, nice cards yah?

Reaching Pyramid for the 3rd time in one day, we had dinner at Sushi King after we exchange the clothes.

We eat some more with a lot of Wasabi and Unagi and other Japanese-Term-I-Don't-Know-How-To-Spell.

Playing with chopsticks with birthday boy. He is a liar so he has longer nose to support the chopsticks, I'm and honest boy :-)

Burning calories after TWO very big meals.

AND the very next day, my old secondary friend is having her birthday lunch at PYRAMID(AGAIN?!) at Dragon-i

Wee Ping and birthday girl Sheau Lee.

It was my first time there, and the food was ok, but the service is poor, less den an hour I have to leave for my tuition class.

After I teach finish, then I went to Pyramid(AGAIN??!!!) because my family is there, so I met with them and most of my friends who went to the birthday lunch were still there, so we meet up, had a minum time and shopping as well for CNY. After shopping, drinking, eating, mamaking, driving etc, I reach home at 10pm.

5 times to pyramid in 2 days, a weekend to remember.

Happy CNY everyone!!


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