Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Happy CNY!-New Year Eve + 1st day.

-hey all!I know most of you collect a tonne of angpauz already, share some with me k?-

New Year Eve.

My family and I left for Malacca on Wednesday afternoon from Subang Jaya, with an estimation of 1.5 hours to reach our destination of Ujong Pasir, Malacca.

After ta pau-ing some food from McD for lunch, we hit the PLUS highway.
After that, everything went downhill for the day.

Nearing the Seremban toll, my car brokedown in the middle of the hot afternoon sun. We found out later that the timing belt has broke apart, and 4 of the 6 valves in the car was spoil beyond repair.

Car in workshop..

We though that one day is enough to tow the car and repair it. At 3pm the car brokedown. The car was towed to a workshop at Seremban 2, that time it was 6pm already, then at 6.30 they inform us 1 day is not enough to repair it. So at 7 we took a taxi to Malacca instead, and leave the car there.

Reaching Malacca at approx 8.30pm, we greeted our grandparents and have our reunion dinner. Of course my grandparents ate already or they will be starving like mad!!

Mum stirring the steamboat.

Things to dip in the steamboat.

After dinner, we unpack our stuff and my family begin to relax, enjoy the pre-CNY shoes on TV and go to sleep.

BUT not ME!

I freaking do my calculus to prepare for test the following week. I seriously need a life. But no more studies for the next 3 days of CNY though :-)

The my uncle and his family arrive at 11 something, and we all went to sleep after countdown.

Not yet...

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!WOOT!!

First Day.

wake up early with the mood of CNY!went and wished everyone happy CNY.

Then it was time to serve tea to the elders.

Aunty serving to grandpa.

Happy grandparents.

My dad to grandpa, mum at the side to grandma.

Sis and cousin sis.

Sis to dad, mum laughing at dunno what.

Then we got our angpaus and change to our new year clothes and got ready for lunch!

Sis & I

Grandma frying!

Cousin ready to roll out!

"Thanks for coming, and nice head gear!"

Grandparents and some of my aunty and uncle.

After receiving and hosting some visitors, my family and I proceeded to my mother's side which is also in Malacca, just 5 minutes drive away.

Grandma (mother's side)

Uncle angry because no angpau for him.

At granduncle's house.

Sis playing gameboy with cousin bro looking. CNY bring the young side out of everyone!

Total haul for the first day!

Many more to come~!!


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Heya.. happy belated CNY to u too!! wah.. looks like u had loads of angbaos, and a very well spent CNY huh..

One thing I notice, ur don't use mandrain orange to 'bai lian' hor.. ur used tea instead?

damniel said...

so long since ur last blog update la kawan...