Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Results day.

I went back to my old secondary school on December to witness a once a lifetime thing.

What other time students will queue up nicely and by themselves?

In assembly or in the canteen, they are forced to do so, this one, they instantly queue up.

its PMR results day

YES YES...I am 20 already and what the heck I'm doing there right? I followed my neighbour/student to school and collect the results.

By the time I reach the school, the crowd was unbelievable.

During my year, which was 2003, the results was by approx 9.30. This time around, it was at 10.43.

"Aiyoh, fasterlah find my paperrrrrrrr!"

And I'm also surprise with the amount of parents turned up to see the results as well.

"My son SURE do better then yours wannn!"
"Oh yeah?!"

"If he didn't do well..HMMPH!NO MORE PS2 YOUNG MAN!!"

All the nervous faces

I heard a few loud shouts, guys hitting each other as a sign of congratulations. and of cause there were tears and NO one takes pictures of people crying. it is just so....bad.

Anticipating crowd.

Sometimes I wonder, the students or the parents more anxious/gan jeong?

If PMR this teruk, then next time SPM how?bring ambulance all along ahh?
A very worried Su Ann.

Anyways, congrats to those who score all As, those who score beyond their expectation and those who are happy with their results, no matter what it is.
and to those who didn't do so well, SO WHAT!It's just PMR.
Next time SPM then you know the meaning of pressure!

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