Wednesday, 9 May 2007


im not sure if this applies to you,but sumtimes it happens to me.kinda sad case though.its happens sumtimes afta da exams r over.

Before exams:

  • Study morning,day n nite
  • Worry how hard is da paper
  • Wonder if u study enuf
  • Plan wat to do afta exams
  • And regret bcoz u start studying juz a lil late(or mayb wayyyy late)
After exams:
  • Worry bout results coz u aint wan 2 take supp paper.
  • Carry out ur plans afta exams
  • And most ironic-a sudden feeling of emptiness..its like suddenly u got noting 2 do!!!

Its sad rite?da last statement i mean.Its like b4 exams u wish it ends quick den can celebrate kau kau. Afta exams,like too free liddat. Aisay man...I guess everyone needs a small dose of education. But im sure there r people out der who really really bz during da hols wif plans stretching from day to night.

Den it comes da time where u hav 2 pack up ur notes,keep which r relevant n burn recycle da rest. I'll take dis opportunity to wish gud luck to those taking exams in SMKUSJ12 n frens in other colleges n those who r taking supp paper(hope im not one of them!).Gud luck~

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