Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mamak to Midnight

i was in Melaka da past weekend,so one 12am my uncles from Singapore n Serdang said they wan go eat outside, so we went to a Mamak stall.
(Pictures courtesy of my uncle's Sony Ericsson K610i)

Looks very ordinary yah...

But actually, dis mamak is DIRECTLY beside a Malay graveyard! gasps!it truly adds to the flavor of the food served der. Surprising though, at least half of the stall is full wif customers n my uncle said da stall had been in business for quite sumtime. Blessings from da afterlife?

mati nasi lemak

da nasi lemak has 'xtra' flavoring in der made out of kangkung n a 'mata kerbau'.

my uncle n I eating. bhind da zinc foil at my back is da CEMETERY! See the cups?reminds me of my home.

We also order mee rojak (Seen wif my uncle digging it). My first time sadly trying it. not bad at all.

My uncle Toyota Unser at da left side of da picture, park juz bside da cemetery. before we left a parking attendant ask for the parking payment, he( or it) ask us to pay quickly bcoz he wants to 'sleep". Believe it?

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