Friday, 11 May 2007

Mother's Day Dinner~

Once a year we all celebrate Mother's Day. Bring them to treats, buy (cosmetics) stuffs, etc. I bring my mom n family to Sheraton Hotel Subang for dinner (Of coz i didnt pay for da whole thing,ill b broke.juz partially)

I ate at a restoran(4got da name adi..sori) at da lower floor. i didnt really bother bout da name anyway, was too engross on da food.hehe. eat a lil da whole day so i could really whack da buffet at da restoran.

Da layout of the restoran. its da second time i dine der,i juz luv da food der. but of coz only eat der on special occasions, aint hav da cash to eat der often. So its table for 4 on buffet dinner.

I got two complimentary tickets which means two of us dine for free n da membership card which means its 50% discount. so 4 of us for da price of ONE.haha! it comes wif a complimentary Cheese Cake also. Like all buffets, it serves western n eastern food, from briyani to sushi to lamb chop to choc dip.

CHOCO DIP! Purely guilty indulgence.hehe.when we 1st started eating da place was about 3-4 tables full but afta an hour,it was hald full wif 60% if the customers r angmohs. Most of the female speaking in an accent which make hearing wayyyyy difficult for us.

it was a waste they didnt serve ice cream though, juz plenty of cakes n majority of them r made of CHOCS. Death by Chocolate, dats da best term for dis situation. took all da pics afta finishing 5 plates of good food.yummy..didnt take pics of da food on my plates though. before i can take da pics, its all gone. wonder why....hmm?any answers?

Petrol to go to Sheraton: RM 9.00
Payment for buffet: Rm 84.76(after tax etc)
A great dinner wif family: PRICELESS : )

A Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out der! We all need a small dose of ur nagging n worries n plenty of ur love.


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