Thursday, 31 May 2007

Rempit rempit!!

dei, dis song by JJ & Rudy by Hitz.fv NEVER fail to make me laugh or smirk.if u wan the song, i can send u through msn( here goes the lyrics!

Ah kereta kereta, Drift-drift-drift.

Here we go…

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor,
If you like it, come and try it,
Then you’ll really really know.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.
We’re not so Furiouuuus.

Eh, rush lagi, eh jalan sempit la.
Don’t you call me a Mat Rempit.
I’ll only go fast.. a lil’ bit,
Come in another road I go “Pit Pit”

Ampang, YEA!
Seramban, YEA!
I do superman, sedikit.
Mono crew boys, sepuluh cc.
All mat motor, I’m the VIP.

Many many cars all driving,
Cutting here and there, no signal-ing.
Scream-ing, scold-ing, honk-ing, speed-ing,
Non of them even look-ing.
I don’t want no pro-be-lem,
Need to get to work so please faham.
Turning, cutting, cilok-ing, TANK YOU!!
Hopefully I don’t get saman

Sepit udang sudah chrome,
Mudguard sudah chrome,
My chamber is buluh,
My motor is still slow.
MY kocek is kosong,
My paycheck take so long.
Tweaking, adding, exhaust, styling,
Money spending still going slow!

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor…
Haa la mak dude…Hold on.

“chi ko kok chi ke kok ki ke ko”

Break it down to BM, C’mon. (BM = Bahasa Malaysia = Malay Language)
All rite, here we go…here we go…
Anda sedia? Anda sedia?
Jaga - Jaga …bahaya!
Saya mau…. wan wan wan.
Apa takde nyanyi you?
Pasal saya tak fa-ha-ham

Ok ,habis already. Jom balik.
We’re giving a bad rap, Lets get out of here (say fast!)
Bringgg, Bringgg, Bringgggg, Brrrrringgg, Bringgggggg, Superman!!! Bringgg, BRINGGG, Superman!!! Bringgg, SUPERMAN!!!! (motorcycle sound)
PUA, PATAH KAKI~!! KEPALA MELETUP (random explosion follows)
(even more weird laughter) Muahahah, whats that dude?

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