Sunday, 3 June 2007

Grandma Birthday~!

During the weekends I went back to Melaka again to celebrate my grandma's birthday!

Me & the birthday 'girl'!my cousin at the left is camera shy..

Ignoring the food because it is actually quite lousy, just that one of the dishes they serve is unique in this chinese restaurant...ROJAK with TOFU!! Plenty of my cousins, all da Ku's (uncle in Hokkien), Kim's etc was there. Good to see them after awhile.

Boys will be boys.Cousin bros seen all focusing on one of them playing games on the HP.

It's good once in awhile all the sons, daughters, grandchilds come together and yak yak with each other.

We book only 2 tables, which is sufficient for everyone.

It's not often we celebrate in such a big occasion as this, so a group photo is a must!

Happy birthday grandma! Enjoy a longer and healthier life and age is JUST a number!. One year older, one percent wiser~!hehe!

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