Tuesday, 26 June 2007

FAQ-Frequently Arse-k Ques

One of the top 5 question i've been ask often is : What are you studying and where?
maybe once or twice once in awhile oklah~but...lately its getting more often!!
So here goes, the solution, once and for all!

I'm studying Applies Maths with Computing; in other words I major in Maths and minor in computing. I take from calculus to algebra to Java to C++.Click here to know the course outline.

This is the entrance of FICT block(PD Block of PJ campus). UTAR is NOT the same as the raping, killing,everything KTAR. One is Uni, one is college. UTAR has 4 main campus; PJ, Sungai Long, Setapak and latest Kampar.
I'm not being racist busybody but 95% of the students are Chinese!!
The lecture hall look something like this:

The facilities overall really sucks like shyt is just below par. The lecture hall, tables and chairs reminds me of the tuition centre i attend before, no have the "uni" feeling.

BUT, most of the lecturer are good. Very friendly wan, can joke joke all.

One example, Dr.Tang(Intermediate Calculus). She's good.

When there's lecture, there must be tutorial classes, so this is how it looks like:

Shouldn't I be studying in class???

And when go class also have to eat right?HOW to study with empty tummy?
Ignoring the normal ol' boring canteen, sometimes we whack the food at Mamak stalls behind the campus.

"You want to eat or not???!!!ORDER LAH!"

Maggi goreng in action!

And the computer lab to do programming stuffs and go online and play games to do research.

As you can see, the comp is a lil cacat. And my tutor is in front there.

My class after the tutor said BRB. All cant sit down wan!

One word of warning, coming here, the topics are damm hard, can make you go mad wan such as this:-


P.S. thanx to ying yi for the pic. Hope she don't mind me putting this pic

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Eva said...

Ok. I understand everything? Yeah, everything better now. I know PJ campus one is better than the previous I mentioned it to you. haha.