Friday, 8 June 2007

NAC- National Achievers Congress 2007

On 21 and 22 May the annual 15th NAC event was held at PWTC, KL.

It's an event where super speakers from around the globe gather and give us a piece of their mind. And by the way, they are all we will know whats in the mind of a rich asses peoples. Some speakers who came before was Neil Armstrong(Space dude), Donald Trump( Rich guy with a hot young wife) and many others. i already expect a big crowd before i even enter the hall.

i AM very sure i'm one of the youngest there. Most of them either are BALDING or having WRINKLES or have alot WHITE HAIRS. Feel a lil lost there. And most of them are rich buggers themselves. Most are equiped with Blackberrys, Apple Mac, etc. The payment fee of RM400 i think is just a pinch on their wallet.

The whole thing started with the slide show of the speakers with the Pirates of Cari Bean TRAGIC wei.

Jerry Clark,Tung Desem, Terence(MC)

Mark Hansen(Author of Chicken Soup), Dr.Clemen, Roger Hamilton(He aint a monkey)

Andrew Matthews(My fave speaker,damm funny)

This is juz DAY ONE!!got the same number of speakers the next day. The cons is that they cramp too many speakers in one im mentally dead after the fourth speech. So who wants to get rich here?IM me if you want to know ALL the tips, i copied all down already, and its FOC, no nid pay rm400. who wants to go next year wan and get RICHER?

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