Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Mass(Jisim) Issue

This is the unwritten law I most strongly believe in:

Akta Makanan 2005 Perkara Satu- You can gain weight legally in Melaka.

Trip to Melaka from 1-2 June

8am-McD Big Breakfast ta pau, share with mom & sis

10.24am- Dim Sum lunch( or so i thought..)

11.35am-the MAIN lunch...the dim sum can count as appetizer..

3.20pm- Ate keropok

7.30pm-Grandma Birthday dinner

Following day.......

9.30am- Fried Carrot Cake with Apam Balik and black coffee

12pm- Lunch at Kengdom Restaurant Melaka..ate alot, too much to explain

and i thought my weighting machine rosak already...

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