Sunday, 10 June 2007

"WOW" is here???

I dunno if alot people know about the truth of the WOW..

The WOW starts now..yeah...

Its about Windows latest product which is fated to be banged by people around the world, Vista. Here's a preview of Vista Home Premium; just the looks of it externally.

This is the desktop with the sidebar feature at the right. You can run small applications here and most of it are available for free online. Just download and run. I play snakes, tic tac toe etc here to kill time but its not recommended...ill tell you the reason later.
Vista proudly announce about its Aero interface, you have to have an average graphics card to see it nicely. One of the Aero features is the transparent-glass-like windows.

You can see the window behind the front window. Give it a transparent visibility.

You can select the color of the windows. i selected pink for this preview.

Another feature of the Aero is the Flip 3D feature. Instead of Alt+Tab to switch windows, Vista also supports Alt+Windows.

The front window is your active window.

I don't use thid Flip 3D often because its a RAM sucker it uses up alot of RAM.
I run Windows Media Player, MSN, and Mozilla Firefox, you check out how much RAM is consume already...

a WHOPPING 74% of my 1GB RAM. wth!!!!!!! Ignore the Core 1 & 2 percentage..It's usually less then 20%..Thats why I never open the further eats my RAM. When i just start the comp, the system OS itself makan 51% of the RAM adi.

Some wrong thinking bout Vista:-
  • It loads wayyy too slow: If you have sufficient RAM then that wont happen. Mine will load finish in less then 30 seconds.
  • Security sucks: If you go to those "websites" then of cause the comp DIE lah. Just update regularly then ok already.
One thing though, some of the drivers cannot be supported by Vista. Some hardware cant be install in Vista. Initially i cant install my printer..fortunately Canon release the driver for my printer, so problem solve.

Verdict? if you like the outlook of it, get it but make sure with 2GB RAM and an excellent graphics card. But I think Vista should only be installed next year as cheaper DirectX 10 supported graphics card will be out.

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