Friday, 29 June 2007

Freaky Friday

Today is double kill test day; statistic and calculus.Stats was ok, came out like what Ms.Soo said but calculus...dead meat cow dung.

Cow Dung = calculus quiz 1..

During Statistic exam(thanks to Sis Nokia 5200)

since we accomplish the WAR against 2 quizzes, we went to Sri-Paandi Seksyen 11 to celebrate!!!(Thanks to Liew for the pics!)

Shamrul who suggest we go there and mum mum!(Candid shot)

7 of us went, 4 of us order banana leaf!the place was madly pack, lucky ngam ngam we came, one table empty just for us! takdir we suppose go there eat!

Look at the crowd at the back. Ignore these two females..

Dude serving curry, Andrew there is spoilt of choice..

We actually overeat there till we were late for our Algebra lecture..blame Andrew who ate this:

3 plates of rice + 2 fried chickens + 2 cup of drinks + 1 tandoori ayam + 3 refill of papadam + 1 Rasam + 4 types of vege X 3 refill + uncountable many types of curry = brutallity..

One of Andrew's drink; Fermented milk, the other is Coke

Even Sham said if there's 10 Andrew's in the restaurant at the same time...gone case!

A happy customer ying yi and a very very full Andrew at the background..

Before war-After war-

Was screwed lectured by my lecturer for being late, but its worth it I tell you.

Me in black whacking the rice; eat with hand only got ommph mah!!

Now got my second Flu in 2 weeks..haih!take care everyone, screw the weather!

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