Monday, 28 July 2008

Bon Odori.

Fresh from the Genting trip and one hour of sleep, at reach home, unpacked my things, nap for an hour and then rushed out to meet my friends to go to Bon Odori.
About 4pm I reached Kimberly's house, and at 5.30 we drove to Matsushita Stadium where the event is held.
Walking into the entrance.

After getting nice parking spots, we walk to the entrance and get the free fan which is customary every year!
Still not THAT many people yet..

And 90% of the people are queuing up at the food and drinks stall, which makes it hard for hungry people like me to grab a bite. One of my objective going there is to get the wonderful Japanese Ice Cream! big and yummy~

Food and drinks.

Busy eating dinner till never notice the camera.

Me with my friend Su Ann who tumpang with me go there.

One ojisan bringing in customers.

And the highlight of the event is the dance along session to the traditional music led by beautiful girls in yukata!

The stage in the middle.

People dancing along.

There were 3 dancing sessions, and in between were performances such as:-

Notice the HUGE crowd behind.

Girls of the night.

Drum performance to conclude the event.

Leaving the stage and waving to everyone!

Can hear shouts from the guys to the girls clad in yukata "I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!" and etc etc. Tak tau malu betul lah...but I wanted to do that as well honestly...hehehe!
And this year there were more visitors then before, and is definately worth to go through the big sweaty crowd and have fun, looking forward for next year!

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