Monday, 21 July 2008

Cheng Swee Temple.

On the way down from Genting, my car decided to lepak at Cheng Swee Temple. They wanted to pray there, take a look around and buy some herbal eggs. It's just a short drive from the apartment we stayed and more then 20 times I went to Genting, I never actually went there before!

At the entrance.

The occupants of the Avanza that went to the temple except me of cause..

You know the story bout fairies who bath on Earth and one of them lost her robe and can't fly back to heaven? Thanks Mandy who reminded me about the tale...

Huge statue..

It's definately bigger than I expected that place is. The entrance is narrow but inside it is..HUGE!!! and there were a lot of visitors there as well. and the herbal egg definately tasted good! I had two for myself~! Thanks Ah Juan for belanja-ing me the eggs.

Family posing on a fake chinese chess board game with people!

Viss praying for good health and fortune.

Malaysia Next Top Models.

My current desktop background. Good eh? Staircase down to where we park the car. The Avanza is at the top right of the picture.

At last a group picture with me in it. Nice to meet with new friends~!

After a short while we head home. It is certainly cooling and relaxing there as well as there is a nice view from the top of the temple. A waste as I didn't walk up the Pagoda as there is no time. After the trip there I headed to Bon Odori! Story on it in the next post~