Sunday, 22 June 2008


There will come a time when you enter higher education and go through orientation! It's a day where you will look around your institution, know where is all the important places, canteen, toilet etc.

So these time around I helped out in the orientation, as part time kuli and part time MC. About 500 noobs freshman enter at this intake but most of them are going to Kampar, so my block will be slightly emptier this semester.

Queuing up for registration in the morning.

The queue was sooo long it extends to the carpark and the road within the uni.

After the students register and get their goodies, they enter the hall to listen to introductory speeches on the location of the labs, classrooms etc.

Students filling up forms and listening to the promotion of activities! This big dude promoting Talent Night with the help of....

Then it was the arrival of VIPs, giving welcoming speech to the newbies.

All the big guns of UTAR. Without them, my uni will be a party place!

Reading the oath.

The two handsome, gorgeous, sexy emcee for the day, Daniel and I.

We had a great time doing the job, though I feel and know I did quite badly..stage fright a little..

Hope the newbies will enjoy UTAR and pass ALL the's though and irritating!

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