Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sesak Splash!

Malaysians are best when it comes to free things, as the increasing prices and inflation adds to this attitude. So it is no surprise when thousands and thousands of people show up on the Summer Splash(Ahh, Sun,Beach, BABES opps... last weekend.

As the free entry for the event is easily accessible, many people show up for it. Furthermore, ONE ticket enters TWO person, that brings in even MORE people!

The first entrance..PACKED.

Even the second also pack, everywhere you turn, there are people.

People queue outside.

People bath inside.

MORE people queue outside.

MORE MORE MORE people on the inside as well.

I was in pyramid since 10am, and this is the first time I see Pyramid, both new and old wing sooo damm packed with people. Virtually every restaurant is filled up with people. Good business them for them :-).

After Kung Fu Panda (Recommended, LMAO alot!), I went for lunch first as I saw the queue was bad, I thought after lunch it will be better.

WRONG, it got WORSE!

There was a small scuffle as Lagoon workers say that no one can enter as the place is full. Some people are so pissed they throw rubbish at the workers.

I wasn't so mad as I queue less then 20 minutes as I use a shortcut, BUT some had waited more then an hour in the hot sun and large smelly crowd, no wonder they were mad. But once they re-open shortly after, the crowd from the back push on REAL hard, I kemik my friend standing in front of me, but eventually we enter.

Kyle's happy he made it after all.


Stage performance.

People were jumping in all the performance and throwing SANDS and water at each other. madness...young people are so hyper. If it was all old people, I think they'll just sit down on the water and mumble away.

But many families came as well, bringing kids along. It was a good time to meet and see old friends and to play the urine, sweat, saliva, shit etc infested water.

Overall it was just ok, the friends and free entry made it worthwhile. But wasn't happy when my friend and I got cheated on the shortest way to the carpark. From the normal route to the CP4 carpark which take less then 10 minutes, Kyle and I walked bout...45 minutes to reach my car at CP4. Talk about tired of queuing, I'm TIRED of EVERYTHING!

Slept instantly that night after visiting Kyle's church and MIYF Youth!

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