Thursday, 15 November 2007

Happy Deepavali!!

Deepavali is a time to munch in many types of curries besides visiting you indian friends, in my case, i visited my SIS's friend's house, an indian girl name Priyah...None of my indian friends call so forgettable huh...
Anyway,back to the topic. The house is located 5 minit from Batu Caves.

P.S: Batu Caves is famous for the THAIPUSAM festival, not Deepavali.

The journey there took a whole 30 minutes!!imagine the distance!

Priyah:Welcome..sorry but the food is not ready yet..
Others: Aiyah...

When we reach the house, some of her relatives are there, after the usual greetings and wishing, we are serve with snacks and tid bits.

L-R: Fried Chicken, Sambal Prawn, Acar, Vegetarian Kurma. Foods are covered up to prevent viewers from getting hungry.

The house smells GOOD!!aroma of the dishes, the moment you step inside, sure hungry already!!

Uncencored food..

Batu formation of Batu was going to rain though..

Zoom to the left formation. Behind it is the entrance to Batu Caves.

The host and her friends...Yes..I'm the only guy and the youngest there.

After a big meal, we left the house and I slept all the way home from the heavy and tasty meal. My tongue got burned in the eating process by the way..but it's worth it!!
Can't wait for next year!!Time to gain weight!


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