Saturday, 10 November 2007

Lee Hom Promo Tour.

On Friday, my lookalike nemesis Lee Hom came to Malaysia to promote his Change Me 改变自己 album. There is a promo tour stop at Sungai Wang that night, and my sister have free tickets, so we just go. Of course I'll be happier if a hot chick came instead of a hot hunk. About 600 people crammed into the small place, and you need a ticket to enter.

The ticket.

The crowd. I'm surprised many guys came!

The event kicks off at 8pm at the 4th Floor open car park, and by the time I enter the place at 7.40, it's super full and packed already...

The big crowd, the stage, and KL Tower at the backdrop.

The picture quality not so good, as I have to zoom front and the lightings are bad!!!And i can't take a steady shot, soooooooo many hands are pushing me!!

Some performances/contest before he came. They are suppose to say "Wang Lee Hom, Celcom" in the sexiest way.

The hype-out crowd as Lee Hom enter the area!

It started a little later, as true to the term Malaysian timing. Met fellow coursemate Ying Yi there as well, she took one of my tickets!!!

Why one eye big one small one??Lee Hom Effect??


The MC interviewing. He even wish Selamat Deepavali!haha!

I'm fortunate that the people in front of me aren't that tall, so the picture taking is possible. And many girls sit on their boyfriends shoulder so they can have a view of him, that makes us at the back super inconvinient as we can't see the front!!

Count the cameras and handphone!!!

He sang 3 songs and by 8.33, it was the CD signing time, so those who bought his CD can have it signed!!My sis, her friends and me went away while 2 other members went and take the signature.


Ying_Yi said...

hey.. that photo really tak boleh lah... i'm so ugly on that photo... take it down pls...~

3cinr3b said...

omg wen-jun you're the guy who didn't even know your chinese name in form one but now you can type out 'gai bian zi ji' in mandarin!!! i'm so impressed ;p

btw, i hate you =( HOW I WISH *I* WAS THERE!!!

冰冰-ping said...

omg wen jun!!! how can can u go without ajak me????
HOW CAN u....u know how much i wish to go....argh!!!! not fair...!!!!! i want to see LEE HOM!!!!!!

Jun jUn XVII said...

ying yi:ok mah ur pic,u say too near?ill delete soon ok?

bernice:i noe how 2 write my name since primary lah~!juz dat quite horrible overall in da language.who ask u go overseas?

wee ping:u didnt ask me?den mayb can bring u in!!nvrm, u c da pics ok adi rite?