Monday, 19 November 2007

Convo Part 2

My sis have a second convocation, this time is at One World Hotel at One Utama. Last time was organized by Sunway College, now is by ACCA Malaysia.

At the picture taking and registration hall.

This time is a bigger, grander, and MORE expansive convo!It cost me big bucks coming here!!

The lunch buffet without the food.

About 8am my family and I reach 1U and all the shop were closed EXCEPT McD, so we had breakfast there. Then we had to enter the hotel by another entrance as all the shops are close.

The main banner and the VIP name.

This June examination a total of 563 graduated from ACCA, a record, fortunately my sis found a job already, so there's no worries of unemployment.

The super BIG crowd.

Of course there are boring speeches by the VIP and the President of ACCA Malaysia. But this time is wasn't THAT boring, its funny this time.

Pretty graduates!

And for the first time in history, the event followed the schedule!!!No Malaysian Timing at all, everything was punctual..i was SERIOUSLY impresses. Kudos to the organizer on timing. BUT when it comes to lunch hour.. all KOYAK already..It was so messy, there was NO queue, food wasn't restock fast.

Picture taking time!

Throw the HATS off!

Family pic!

New job, new paycheck, so i can renew the rate of money i can get from her!!HEHE!!

I'll end this post with a picture, tell me what do you think about it..

Nice hairstyle??

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