Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Office.

Now is my 3 months break, so of course I'll find a part time job to use up my time, so I ended up in an engineering company.

My department.

I work as a Trainee in the department, and I do paper work from Monthly Claims to Insurance.

My untidy tidy table!

The legal officer who sit on my left.

On my left is the Account Department, on the table is food for our lunch, shall elaborate on the next post.

At my back, Claiming Officer and someone which the designation is too long to mention.

The people behind me.

My office is in Kelana Jaya, which coincidently near my sis office, so we go work at the same time, save the distance for travelling!

The view from my boss's room door.

The faithful yet crappy photostating machine.

The working hours is 8.30-5.30 with 1 hour break in between, super freaky long!
But work is good, my work team members are good as well, helpful and can talk around.
Who say's work is not fun?

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