Wednesday, 3 October 2007


A tag by Wee Ping.

01) wee ping
02) james
03) kevin
04) daniel
05) wilson
06) stephen
07) cheryl
08) yew siong
09) zhanwei
10) ammie
11) rachel au
12) rachel saw
13) jin zun
14) ying yi
15) mandy
16) sham
17) milky
18) haridasan
19) adeline
20) sarika

1) How did you meet 14? (ying yi)
my fellow coursemate in the war against mathematics!!

2) What would you do if you haven’t met no. 1? (wee ping)
umm..nothing will happen!!!jkjk!some funny moments in the past wont happen and i laugh less.

3) What would you do if 20 and 9 dated? (sarika & zhanwei)
HAHA!don't want to imagine or comment about it.

4) Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (stephen & milky)
no way, their height is totally opposite!btw, both are taken already.

5) Describe no.3 (kevin)
he is a money maker from selling sandwich and wants to be a business dude.Nice to talk and fight in PS2.
6) Do you think no 8 is attractive? (yew siong)
he is an arse!he likes to pinch "something".i think he is ok.

7) Tell me about no. 7 (cheryl)
she's the ultimate kolot!she's damm sporting and a good friend.

8 ) Do you know anything bout no.12’s family? (rachel saw)
know them well, her mom and sis always kutuk me wan..sob sob..

9) What is no 8’s favourite? (yew siong)
driving super fast with his honda or volvo.

10) What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?(ammie)
haha!no way, im too boring for her.

11) What language does 15 speak? (rachel au)
mandarin,english, funny malay, mabuk language,

12) Who is 9 going out with? (zhanwei)
he is going out with his lamboghini. he is attach to cars only.

13) How old is 16 now?(sham)
he is...ahh...22 this year.

14) When was the last time you talked to 13? (jin zun)
in his house 2 days ago.

15) No. 2’s fav singer? (james)
bladdy many, his CD full of songs from everywhere.

16) Would you date no.18 ? (haridasan)
no way, if he is a girl, he is the last person on earth!wakaka!

17) Would you date 7? (cheryl)
better don't say anything, later James will kill me.

18) Is 15 single?(mandy)
sorry, taken already!

19) What’s 10’s last name? (ammie)
aiyak, lupa already!just ammie khoo.

20) Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?(rachel au)
she is too "square" for my liking.haha!hope she don't see this.

21)What school does 3 go to? (kevin)
UTAR Setapak Campus

22)Where does 6 live? (stephen)
USJ 3A there..

23) What’s your fav thing bout 5? (wilson)
he?can talk and crap bout lots of things!and can trade games too!

tag someone?nehh..all too busy these days!


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