Thursday, 18 October 2007

Happy Day!!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, this year I'm 1X years old, still young OK, below the big 2-0. So after my work my family and I went to TGIF Subang Parade to celebrate.

The appetizer:-

Some cube with cheese and pasta inside.

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese and Celery. Surprisingly, the celery tastes good although i SUPER despise it!

Main Course:-

Half Roast Chicken and some chicken with brown rice at the back.

A better version of KFC Cheese Meltz.


The ultimate Mud Pie, they are SUPER generous, berlambak chocs they pour on top the Ice Cream wei!!

Raisin Cookie with Ice Cream

Stupid camera and my stupid shaky hands make stupid blur pictures...

The there's the compliment birthday cake from TGIF but u have to stand on chair,give speech etc. You know the procedure...didn't record of cause, super malu wei!!

A big thanks to alllllllll the wishers:-

Ann Li:Thanks for the pink shoes thanks..
Shu Ying:I send you a present, where's mine?
Johan Sng:Hey twin brother, happy birthday to you too!
James Liung:Lucky you didn't forget this year or else..
Kam Sheng:Pass all the papers i hope..
Yu Jin:Still hate you although you send the SMS most precisely on time
Ying Yi:When go "Why Pay More?"
Jacqueline Tan:Where's the KFC?
Kimberly Saw:Thanks for the wish, and the one from your sis.
Ammie:Bake a cake?i want Cheese.
Sarika and Adelene:hey daughter and Ah Poh,tqtq!Have a great 3rd sem while i have my hols!
Ee Mun:We have a deal right?
Jin Zun:I'll get you a Safety Jacket next year,hehe!
Zhanwei:Yo big bro, mana movies?no more Puasa Bazaar already lah..
Shook Yee:Thanks for the many wishes and the card, it really made my day, and thanks for the photo
Yihh Wen:Go shopping alot BUT didn't buy anything for me..Cisss
Kevin Tan and Daniel:Yo bros,can ingat yah.Kev, work as what?Daniel,go Japan and souvinier?
Jia Huey and Denise:Enjoy life after PMR!
Ee Von:Thanks small girl!
Elaine Siah & Rachel Wong:Thanks, ill help your addmaths, sure get A wan!
Kevin Wong:Lucky you remember last minit.
Jiun Wen:The game rotting already i guess..
Wee Ping:Sorry yah, that time you send I was working, so kinda forgot it!thanks!

Near twin sister Min Ee, June Lim, Sean L, Pui Yan, Boon Yong, Boss Li Lian, Yu En, Wai Kok, Jasond, Raine, Boink Boink See See and others~!



damniel said...

dont worry the next time we see each other ill bring it yea?
of course i remember ur bday man bros b4 hos....

szw said...

no puasa bazaar den ma wait nx yr lor...
hahaha !
eviyr oso got wan mar...
btw , u got tgif d still wan go pasar bazaar 4 wat ?
lolz !

=thick frame glasses~ping= said...

ei ei...i'd wish u rite?where's my name?
those food looks delicious man....when wanna belanja me??

Jun jUn XVII said...

Damniel:I also rmbr urs rite?i wan da ultimate present, a girl from Japan!!haha!

szw:puasa bazaar much cheaper ehh..TGIF 3 digits wif no cents, da bazzar 3 digit wif cents.sumore murtabak damm sedap!

wee ping:wat 2 do, u send dat time was working, so overlook adi, sori!5 star hotel rite?wait lah..b patient!

=jaecywong= said...

ahhhhh Sorry i didn't wish u earlier!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!MUAH MUAH MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chin ying said...

:p.. Sorry, I forget. How could I. Happy belated birthday!
The Mud Pie, chocs topping a bit too much.. and too sweet. Other than that, I like that too.

Jun jUn XVII said...

Jaecy-better be late then never, thank you very very much!

Chin Ying-It's ok, I also forgot yours mah...i LOVE sweet things, so I don't really mind anyway!Wah, you are
a food-aholic person also?Bagus!ada member!!

damniel said...

yeah they will suit u better.
Fair and fair make good couple.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Hey... happy belated bday!!

job said...


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