Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Last week was my sis convo!at last she graduate and join the working force and can get more money and i can spend more money.
The thing starts at 8am, so by 6am had to get my ass off the bed,head for breakfast.

Future worker eating.

Then at 8am like that we reach Sunway Convention Centre, that is where it is held. Register, wear the robe etc there.


Anxious parents and excited graduates.

As usual the parents will keep adjusting the hair, robes etc to ensure their child look at their very best.And the ration of boys to girls there is 1:3, the moral of the story, more girls are accountants then guys and for single guys, join ACCA, easier to find single ladies :-)

Inside the hall.

Parents, friends, family.

Very "ong"!Number 8 in the whole list.

As usual, the term Malaysian Timing happens here.Suppose to start at 8am, start at 10am instead...lucky i brought a story book, expected this to happen.

Hungry people rushing for food.

After it ends, there is lunch for all the guests.I tell you, many people jump queue me when we queue up to take the food. Doesn't mean I'm a young boy compared to all of you, you must jump queue meh??!!Nevermind, give face to uncivilized people..

A hungry graduate!

After the convo, of cause they took many pics with each other, don't know when is the next time they can see each other. This inspires me to graduate soon too then can work!Must study hard!!

Family photo!

Walking into the hall.

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