Monday, 3 September 2007

Farewell buddy.

After high school is not unusual to see friends go study overseas and outstation. It's never a happy occasion seeing your good buddy going away for few years to study, so today my friends and I sent off our good blur friend, Rachel Saw.

Girl in blue is leaving.

She is studying medicine at Cuba for 6 long years and ticket price to and fro from Malaysia to Cuba aint cheap at all! So doubt that she will come back for the next 6 years.
We were in KLIA sending her off.

KLIA 500m ahead.

Entrance to KLIA.

Moving from car park to the departure terminal.

Inside KLIA.

30Kg of luggage!luckily there exist the trolley!

We had our lunch in McD just before her departure at 12pm. We left Subang Jaya at 10am and arrive at KLIA at 10.40pm.

Last meal before flight.

Just for your info, there is NO McD in Cuba!!!

Last pic before flight.

As the flight name been call out, she gave hugs and say goodbye to her family and friends.

Hugging her dad.

Off she go with her aunty.

Hope she will study well there and come back a successful doctor!By now she should be in the skies flying away. Best of luck and take good care of yourself!


Lawy3rz said...

wah seh! ur blogging speed is miraculous... dun mind i steal these pics of ur blog wei :P

Darren said...

It is very sad when someone is leaving you especially your best friend

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow to Cuba?! that's like in Central America isn't it?! The medicine in Cuba good meh?