Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Ultimate Dessert.

After hearing about the dessert many times by my farewell buddy, Rachel, we decided to go there and give it a try.

Its the crepe dessert at Dessert Corner in Subang Parade.

The long list of flavors of Crepe

Crepe - pronounce as kreep, not crap or kra peh i think...Don't bother to check out how to pronounce it since I care more about the taste instead!!

We order Caramel Banana Crepe since she says that's the best flavor they offer.

Caremel Banana Crepe.

For just Rm7.90, this hand made dessert is serve hot with very very generous toppings on it. Even the environment of this shop is so relaxing, truly can enjoy the dessert to the maximum!!

The crepe base come in 3 types;Chocolate based and 2 other types, forgot already!The one above is the chocolate base, you can see it is a little brownish.They also serve Sundae, Ice Blended Fruit Juices and many others.
A must try for all dessert lovers!

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