Thursday, 20 September 2007

Hot Wheels!

Last month(i guess), I went to a car show with friends, and i just got the photos and I'm busy preparing for the finals, so tak da masa to show the cars~
The car show was at Monarsh University.

long list of cars, longer line of humans

Didn't manage to get pictures of models on the car, scared the camera lens cant take it. Sorry to all the guys people who are expecting hot chicks!


I didn't bring my camera that day, so i took video of drifting cars but its too big to be send

The car at the left is super noisy!!

Rm5 per entry, its worth it as there are plenty of eye candy, that is not even including the hot models!!nose bleed..

What the Cube is that??

Nissan. Super "ong" number plate.

From typical housewife's Vios....

to big black cars...

The word says it all!!

Four car freaks!!

Looking at the car show makes me feel like doing the same thing to my car in the future, is it worth the money?i dunno..


\/\/ i L L y said...
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\/\/ i L L y said...

eh those looked like hsewive vios to...racer boy vios la
anyway...awesome cars though