Friday, 15 May 2009

So far holidays soo good!

And it is the 5th day of my holidays, and I kinda enjoying it? I spend too much money already, time to have some cheaper fun.

So plans for this holidays are, learning how to Photoshop. I'm a total Photoshop noob, I don't know a crap on how it works etc. If there is anyone reading this and know how to use it, please please tell me, please enlighten me on Photoshop!! For now I have Mr.Google to teach me about it, luckily there are plenty online tutorials offered =)

My cousin is a good poser, maybe a future model? Like asking her to pose, to improve my noobie skills sigh!

Then this Kevin Lau from IA asking me to play foosball with him, that fella freaking influence me to play more haha! But I cannot play foos at all so..haha..just play for fun.

Certainly many new things to learn this holidays but I cannot totally forget about my beloved Final Year Project =.= NO thanks to Ying Yi for reminding me about it..sigh..

And I take this oppurtinity to find and catch up with the remaining secondary friends of mine who are still in Malaysia, a big bunch of them is somewhere over the seas and to relive the secondary school time is certainly really great, and we also manage to remember a little bit of our primary skool time... The DARK ages of fashion and hair style sigh...

Blurly Emo >.< Just before I cut my hair haha!

Hope my holidays will only get better from here, my remaining break before facing the storm of my final semester =)

dareun sarang pillyo eobseo nan geunyang neorago dasi hanbeon mureobwado nan geunyang neorago
miryeon eobsi baro neoreul seontaekhaesseo geurae nan neorago
amu maldo pillyo eobseo nan geunyang neorago neomu neujeotdago haedo nan geunyang neorago
tteugeoupge neoreul chaja oechine bulleobwado daedap eomneun neoijiman neol gidarindago
jjaekkkakjjaekkkak sigani heulleodo o! nan!

I don’t need anyone else, it’s only you,It’s you
I have no regret, I chose you
That’s right, it’s you
I don’t need any words. it’s just you
“ It’s too late “ , but for me it’s just you
When you ask again, it’s only you,It’s you
I don’t need any words. it’s just you
“ It’s too late “ , but for me it’s just you
I know our love is wrong
(Still Still) Even as time goes by

It's You(Neorago) - Super Junior

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Anonymous said...

ahah! U listen SUper Junior?? lolz~ Track 6, Monster sounds Better~ Sorry Sorry oso Not bad~ xD