Monday, 4 May 2009

Da 70-300 Zoom!

The ultimate stalker lens at budget price!! literally..cannot get too choosy and fussy though bout the quality, autofocus speed etc...

Here it is, Nikkor 70-300 F4-5.6G for RM300 with UV Filter (Second hand to afford first hand??). a HUGE thank you to my sis for sponsoring RM200 for the lens!!

At 70mm (don't mine the pink wristband..its for grip purposes..)

and at 300mm.

Talking digits will not show anything right..this are a few sample shot..pardon the dust on the lens..forgot to wipe it off..

70mm of opposite's neighbour house..

300mm of the old old Mega TV antenna.

Images are quite soft at the end a use of F11 is recommended at the end to get sharp images.

But difference not that visible (in my noob eyes opinion..) unless you want a large print and your eyes looks for small mistakes in the picture.


300mm of the small visible moon at the top right.

This lens on broad daylight very very usable because F4-5.6 is reasonable under such lighting conditions but well into the night..even at ISO1600 I don't know whether thats enough!

And to have some bokeh/background blur effect, I tried some of this,

Flower's Garden at F11

Mailman's Money at F10.

This stalker lens can well zoom and for the price is actually quite ok..the only thing that worries me I guess is the slow Autofocus. The focus ring is long, takes nearly a whole second to rotate from 1.5m to infinity, and slow by a few milisecond, the magic moment/Kodak moment down the drain T.T Yup, the minimum focus distance is 1.5m, that's respectable for a RM300 lens. Some of the info for the lens..

  • Focal Length Range 70-300mm
  • 4.3x
    Zoom Ratio
  • 4
    Maximum Aperture
  • 22
    Minimum Aperture
  • Yes
  • FX
    FX in DX Crop Mode
    35mm Film
    Compatible Format(s)
  • Yes
    Distance Information
  • Yes
    Super Integrated Coating
  • 4.9 ft. (1.5m)
    Minimum Focus Distance
  • 13
    Lens (Elements)
  • 9
    Lens (Groups)
  • 1/3.9
    Maximum Reproduction Ratio
  • 74x116.5mm (Diameter x Length)
  • 15.0oz. (425g)
Hope it will serve me well XD
And Parellel Progamming is done! One last finale paper, the subject until know I don't know what is it about, Numerical Methods! I got 4 days to study this 14 weeks subject, that should be enough =)

Graphical Trees at 10pm.

Nan ajikdo neoreul bomyeon gaseumi apa geumsaerado noonmoori ssodajilgga bwa
Aesseo nan babocheoreon wootgo inneun geol moreuni?
Ijen eoddeohke neowa naega
Dashi yejeoncheoreom
Chingoo il soo inni?
Jeongmal geureol soo inni? Geureon geoni?
Press the reset, press press the reset
Nan neol neomaneul bogo inneunde
Press the reset, press press the reset
Nan neol neoreul ijeul soo eobneunde
Press the reset, press press the reset
Nae ape seo inneun neol eoddeohke noheuraneun geoni?

Even now, when I look at you my heart hurts...
even if it's for a moment, I try hard not to let my tears fall
don't you know that I’m smiling like a fool?
Now how can you and I become friends like before?
Can we really be like that? Can we really?

Press the reset, press the reset
I’m looking at you... only you
press the reset, press press the reset
you, I can't forget you
press the reset, press press the reset
how am I to let go of the person who's standing in front of me

Super Junior - Reset


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