Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I Just Realized..

And now to my third week of holidays, I realized that this is my last holidays..EVER! After this new semester which begins on June 1st, my degree course will end and after that, working environment beckons..

Last night it got me thinking, how was it when I was form 1 till now. How I use to hate education then, the homework, the sastera, the boring teachers in school and the late night tuition.. Those life were great compare to what I face in university.

Times I wish (and my friends too..) we could turn back time into secondary school days, back to 2001 at SMK USJ12, where class was from morning to early afternoon, then you are free to do anything you want. We were on bicycle, cycling anywhere you want, and most of your friends are usually free to go lepak on any evenings...

I don't know what got me thinking, but when I was online, many friends of mine were asking maths questions online, that made me recall back my old sylubbus, and how I use to study and suffer that time. I lie on my bed thinking and reminiscing for nearly an hour! How I spend my December holidays when I was Standard 1 to Form 5....

Once end of the degree, when the working life begins, your only holiday is during the weekends, public holidays or when you apply leaves... No more semester holidays! And I wonder if I could still hang out with my friends of same age or the younger ones. Nothing beats a sudden trip to a mamak stall or restaurant just to chill and talk over.

or stay up till 2-3am just talking to random friends online, or watching drama on TV! And also waking up late on weekdays during the holidays...All that literally gone once you graduate, no?

And in working environment, it is different to get a friend and a collegue. A fine difference between this two. In school, we make friends just for the fun of it, to socialize, have fun, discuss homework. In the ever rat race in the working world, collegue can be mistaken as a friend, but behind your back there is politics, backstabbing etc

We will start getting income, making your own money, proceed on with life, but I honestly more willing to trade this with secondary times, memory and good times more valuable then money, right?
Just another 5 days to the last day of my school holidays in my entire life, how to I feel about it? I feel numb, but I know I have to make use of it well, something new beckons after the end of this holidays..

Appreciate the time you have, and enjoy the holidays while you still have some!


Mata Sepet said...

School holiday ends is not the end of your holiday la. Maybe the working holiday has different quality, but still you can enjoy.

The best thing to enjoy the holiday is to recharge your energy to 150% by sleeping and eating. LOL

jin tat said...

yo.. don't get a job.. then you'll get your holidays...

think about this.. it's no kidding.. think beyond what is just written here.. we human are smart, but most of us are brain-washed that have to work to survive.. i will be happy to receive emails.. =)