Monday, 15 June 2009

To Angel aka Monkey

Happy 14th Birthday!! Hope you enjoy the cake and small prezzie! More on it later..


And introducing Charissa's new dog..making a debut in my blog..the ONE and ONLY.





... long more lah...

Temperory named Bella!

With her new brother Bebe!!

More story on this later also =)


Baptism coming soon? Better inform parents this week...

3rd and final class by Chin Chung ended today, and it was all happy!

and the always perasan once-ms.president of MIYF Wei Wen

"Yeah!! I can get free Ribena and bread once a month on Holy Communion =)"


And also Su Ann's 17th Birthday!! soo many pictures to blog..but no time =(

All soon!!

Back to uni and sleep!!


Joy. said...

I see you changed the "Ah Jun" tag.
Definitely more professional ;)

I shall appoint you as the lead photographer for Jeremy's birthday party which I will organize!

Jun jUn XVII said...

HAHA! yea, use own name better! ah jun jz 4 fun nia!

whens da party? IM SO HONURED HOHOHO! but noting comes free, there comes service charge! heh heh heh!