Friday, 5 June 2009

Holiday to Genting.

So on the last week of my holidays, my coursemate Hwee Ming contacted me and ask whether I would like to go Genting with my other coursemates and I just say yes!

It was a 2 days 1 night trip form Thursday to Friday and 7 of us went there, it was a little last minute I suppose? But it was a good trip nonetheless!

On Thursday morning, 4 of us met at 1Utama to sit the bus to Genting with RM8.50 one way direct to First World Hotel. The other 3 went up at Gombak station and Pudurakyat.

Yee Min, Chin Yuan, Ding Guo at 1U

3 of them and me sat the bus and we left at 11.30am! About 45 minutes later we reach the Skyway Station and in less then 15 minutes, we are at the top already enjoying the oh-so-cool weather compare to the crazy hot weather at Subang over here =.=

It was a Thursday thun there is no queue at the Skyway. However, actually we all reach 1U at 10am, we wanted to sit the 10.30am bus but the 10.30am and the 11am are fully booked by senior adults who go up there to...what else..GAMBLE LAH!

By 12.45am we reach the lobby and Boon Sue and her cousin Chyn Yi was there already, enjoying the outdoor themepark, looks like they came much much earlier!

The all park pass for ONLY RM25 with my sexy watch haha! How I got it RM25?? Read on..

Then once Hwee Ming came, we check in to the rooms, so 7 of us in 3 rooms. The two biggest size ones which are Yee Min and I got a room, the girls get another and the remaining guys in another room.

Yee Min and I.

After settling down, change etc we decide to go and chill at the themepark! Then Boon Sue told us she had coupon for All Park tickets, buy 1 free 1!! That's how I got it for RM25!

Then once buying and all, we quickly ran to the outdoor park! Unfortunately some of the rides are under maintanence T.T such as the Spinner and Cockscrew!! ARGH! And it was raining slightly, so we can only sit certain rides! We have to utilize the All Park pass no matter what..

Boon Sue and Chyn Yi in a Merry-Go-Round.

The shaded rides were open and the slight rain makes it very very misty and cold and I love it! Feels sooo refreshing and relaxing but it is not so good for my lens, it gets all foggy sometimes..hard for me to take pictures =( There is always consequences...

Mist, mist, MISTT!!

There were quite many tourist that time however, lesser local tourist, a large amount of them came from India, Thailand and China. As in..VERY large amount, maybe a plane-load of them?
Just a huge obvious bunch standing out from the crowd!

Mist inside the building..that is how misty it was..

The mist was sooo great, it reminds me of the haze last year where you just can see what is 1 metre in front of you, after that it is all blur and white..must stick close to one another or you'll get lost real fast!!

RM2.50 ice cream in Genting..It is already cold..If you can't beat em', join em'!!

Most of the rides inside First World remains the same, like the ever popular Bumper Car, Roller Coaster, Venice Gondola, Ferris Wheel etc Since the outdoor themepark is mostly close, so many many of the tourist play on the indoor rides, making the queue long! But the rides we sat the most often was the Bumper Car, sure it was nice whacking and banging around your friends!

Ferris Wheel, Reindeer Ride, Gondola.

We had lunch at KFC and then dinner at some noodle restaurant among the cheapest yet fullest food we can find there. Tastewise is respectable and it does serve its purpose to make us full =)

The outdoor park closes at 7pm, then after that we just sat the indoor rides again and again...and again. I dunno why I just won't get sick of sitting in the same ride HAHAHA!


The indoor park closes at midnight, so after we got tired of sitting the rides, we decided to enter the Casino and chill called..

There were 2 underage people there which are Chyn Yi and I, but we easily just sneak in and sorry, no photos allowed inside the casino! Inside were freeflow of Milo, orange juice and coffee. We just sat down drink awhile and watch people win and MAINLY lose their money..

My friends lost like...RM10-RM20 that day? But I never gambled though, I just watch them play =) I have no money to lose!! It is quite interesting though looking at the Roulette, how the ball spin, the probability the ball will drop on which slot..maybe some day just try once for fun? We shall see..very unlikely though..gambling is just not me..

Then we went to the cinema to get some tickets, on that Thursday was the premiere of Terminator Salvation, so we bought 5 tickets for the guys. the 2 girls bunk in bed, too tired already from the fun! We bought the 1.30am ticket, the other time is full already. A good movie will still be a best seller no matter where you watch it..including Genting..

After the movie sure sleep lah..already near 4am, so at 8.30am everyone was up and eating buffet breakfast. It only costs RM38.88 to stay a night and that includes buffet breakfast for two! That is darn cheap, only cost rm20 per person!! and if that includes the ride, means it is RM37 to go to and fro and stay overnight in Genting!

After breakfast, we just chill around, enjoy the weather while we still can, then it was time to go home. Saying goodbyes, knowing we will see each other after 3 days back in uni (except Chyn Yi of course..she is not our coursemate, just Boon Sue's cousin..).

A great random trip, and certainly a relaxing one. But coming back then I got flu, must be the cold weather up there...

Cheers =)


Joy. said...

You say "Cheers" people understand what!
Where got ppl ask, "How to cheer?"


Jun jUn XVII said...

OPPS! i didnt realize i typed cheers at the end..dat fella is pure dumb hohohoho! u make nice weird frens!

cHynYi said...

Nice shot yer!
it is a nice trip wit u all!
hope next time can meet again.
how cum u can understand wat i wrote in my blog ar?
geng wor.

Jun jUn XVII said...

haha tq chyn yi, u can c more in facebook!

nex time ask boon sue call u again if we got trip alrite =)

haha, how i understand? got lah ways hahaha

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