Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A random BBQ!

*it is quite late already, but I still post it, being busy with stuffs lately...*

It all started in a MSN conversation with Matt and Charissa and Matt mentioned about a BBQ dinner, just before school reopen, and from a random conversation, it became a plan and soon it was on!

The dinner was on friday, so on thursday, Matt, Charissa. Angel and I went get some raw food, equipments etc, then on friday we get the wires to BBQ and set up the BBQ at Charissa's house.

Quite a number of people went, about 15-16 people? More then expected but more the merrier?

Things were looking VERY VERY cloudy, and Charissa and her BIG BIG mouth keep saying "It's going to rain!!! >.<" or "See LAH, everytime sure something will spoil plans". But luckily, it didn't rain!

The Youths are very capable, from getting the raw food to marinating it to defroze and clean it and setting up the BBQ, cooking and last but not least, cleaning the whole place after that!

Probably we can set up a BBQ catering and cleaning company?

Charissa, the host for the day.

We had FISHBALL, crab ball, sotong ball, sausage, very very tough mutton and chicken wings on our menu that night. The mutton were good substitutes for chewing gum, they were sooo chewy and if you are wearing dentures, for sure it will rip ur dentures off...

But this Matt, I guess he bought too much raw food? We all kept eating and eating and the it wasn't the food that finished up, but our appetite was filled up to the maximum!

Big big smiles with good over-burned food!

Chicken wings rox our sox!!

Chi Tatt dig some sausages and Michelle seems to enjoy it too!

Some random card playing moments in the house.

We wanted to include her dog as part of the menu but oh well...she probihited it and the dog doesn't turn on our appetite =) probably a hidden potential to be Dog Kut Teh?

We had a nice night walk as well, exploring the hidden roads and passage of SS19. The place is a maze and labyrinth!! Without a GPS, you are as good as dead there...

The eating and cleaning ended about 2am, which was wayyyy later then we expect. After that we went to Zhanwei house for a drink, some of them overnight there, while I went to Marcus's house to overnight. We had a nice cold swim at his pool at 2.30am (Yea we did, it was cold to the bones..) and we woke up at 6.30am that morning, we had our Youth outing at 8am in church!

With 2.5 hours of sleep will not dampen our spirit to have fun in church, more on it the next post!!

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